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Virtuos To Create and Develop Virtuez’ Seven Superpowers

Virtuos with its 4.0 Strategy to become the fastest growing Post-COVID Experience Economy Company unravelling its Cardinal and Composabl™ Virtues.

COVID-19 has disrupted the world in so many ways helping a new wave of entrepreneurship that is driven by the Agility, Innovation, and New Business Models such as Composabl™. At Virtuos, we have used the nine month Pandemic as an opportunity to train ourselves for developing "superpowers" to embark on the future journey as an Business 4.0 driven Agilenterprise™. At Virtuos, we have made significant investments in new business capabilities, business architecture, and numerous future technologies.

As we embark on the future of new Composabl and Agilenterprise, we have begun our groundwork by developing on the seven crucial superpowers.




The state of being Virtuoso is not a one-time activity. The teams need to remain cutting edge continuously.



In the digital century era, the only thing constant is business change and innovation is essential to success.



Radical Work Nucleus Creates Opportunities for IT and HR to Focus on Micro-Culture Advancements.



Continuous Intelligence is required to deliver Continuous Experience and customer moments which need "hyper personalization".



Let go of the values and practices that fuel the current business but fail the new one. Manage the present, and Create the future.



Digital has created customers who want everything and sometimes, their demands are conflicting — privacy and personalization.



Modern ELearning Experience Cloud for Corporates and Digital Dexterity Platform supporting the Life-long learning of New Skills.

“Virtuez is our new Composabl™ Model for capitalizing on the future that will be defined by how organizations compose their responses to these moments — both in the business context and in terms of societal impact as well.” Said by Venky Vijay Reddi, ExperienCEO at Virtuos. “With composability, organizations can achieve digital acceleration, greater resiliency and the ability to innovate through disruption.”

Adopting Virtuez Composabl™ Model, we start by shifting how the Virtuos will transform itself to sense and deliver on the needs of customers, employees, stakeholders and society. We use composabl™ thinking so the whole enterprise will see that anything is possible, and everything can become composable. Lead a composabl™ business architecture to unleash Innovation On™ at scale. Virtuos will engage composabl™ technologies to bring the power of modularity, discovery, autonomy and orchestration to life — no matter what the future looks like.


Virtuos Digital Ltd. is a leading Digital Transformation, Innovation, and Consulting company with its corporate headquarters in India, and the USA serving global customers. Virtuos has two important business operations, namely Consultare and Virtuez Exonomy.

Virtuos Consultare

Virtuos Consultare delivers industry-specific Business 4.0 counsel and the integrated, end-to-end solutions that support its customers' strategic, operational, and financial goals. Virtuos Consultare is an Experience consultancy that provides superior customer moments and implements leading CRM and Customer Experience Applications — Oracle CX; Creatio CRM, Agiloft CLM, and Microsoft Dynamics amongst other niche players.

Other consulting services include:

CX.Digital Practice with Composabl™ CXNow™ Digital Transformation Program, Composabl™ RainbowCX™ Technologies, and Composabl™ CXDesk™. EX.Digital Practice with Composabl™ W.Digital WorkPlace Program and Composabl™ Crayonz™ HR Technologies.

Other Key businesses include:

Vivacis™ Superpowers for SMB with Composabl™ Technologies; Veracis™ Customer Trust Management Outsourcing Services, and AURY®, the Composabl™ AI/ML Customer Engagement Tools.


Virtuos Rigour™ is the strategic Business Unit focussing on Salesforce Practice contributing to US$ Trillion Dollar Salesforce Economy building new Composabl™ Consulting Services, Products and delivering Composabl™ Experiences to a variety of Industry customers. Virtuos Rigour™ is our CRM Mastermind Practice. —

Virtuos Vedam™ is the Experience Digital Consultancy offering Composabl™ Digital Products, Services, and Experiences such as Brandeer™, BrandExpo™, PowerVoice™ , Brandcart™, and WeProspect™. — |


Virtuez Exonomy ideates and incubates next-generation businesses harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud, ECommerce and Digital technologies by applying Composabl™ Principles. Innovation On (formerly Innovation Open) lab is a think tank to breed and bootstrap new ventures that include Budh®; Indic™; Giftcart® and VYO® (Part of BIGV Strategy).

Virtuez Composabl™ Business for Experience Cloud™ and Experience Crowd™ includes a vast portfolio of products, services, experiences, and investments. |